Financial Literacy Seminar #4: Your Complete Guide to Personal Income Tax

It seems like April is really a boring, and burdeninig month, and might as well call it month Burden as every April is the last month for us to report for personal income tax, and Good and Services Tax was also will effectively starting from the very first day of April.

During our last Financial Literacy Seminar, some of our attendees specifically request that since we were hosting a seminar to teach people about GST, we should also consider doing the same seminar that cover personal income tax, as it is also a very critically important area of personal finance and taxes have a huge impact on our ability to attain financial freedom.

With that being said, we really agree to that statement, and we do not just nod our head to signal our agreement, instead, we use Action to show our support and agreement, therefore, in the Forth Financial Literacy Seminar of the year, we are inviting you to come and get Your Complete Guide to Personal Income Tax.

VKA Financial Literacy Seminar: Your Guide to Personal Income Tax. April

Come, join us and find out if you have been doing it right all the while and get some ideas on how to optimise your personal income tax management.

To Register, Click Here.

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