Insurance Planning

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Insurance is a tool to assist you in managing financial risks, whether you are an individual or a business entity.

With proper risk management in place, individuals and their family members are able to minimise financial damages of premature deaths, disabilities, or major illnesses so that they do not become catastrophes from which our families are unable to recover.

For business enterprises, insurance can be used to maintain your financial stability in the event of loss of critical assets or key personnel.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

Understand / Identify

Understanding client’s current insurance policy/policies OR Identifying client’s coverage needs

Step 1

Step 2


Determining 5 areas of insurance coverage needs.

Step 2

Step 3


Calculating client’s insurance coverage needs (income replacement, family support, debt cancellation, etc)

Step 3

Step 4

Source & Compare

Source & compare from multiple insurance companies

Step 4

Step 5


Premium matching with your current cashflow

Step 5


You’re Now Protected with Insurance

VKA’s Financial Advisers will review your insurance policy from time to time, to ensure you are constantly protected with the right coverage types and with adequate protection amount.


Our complete range of insurance plans.

Income Protection

Family Protection

Medical Protection

Children Education Savings

Retirement Savings

Mortgage Protection

Personal Lines Insurance

Employee Benefits and Group Insurance Scheme

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