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Rules for Retirement Investing – I

Objective: The article is to identify the “rules” for those who are investing for their retirement. It will be focused more on those that are


Retirement Planning

Can you retire? Trends People are living longer – life expectancy for women is 76 years and men 72 They are marrying and having children


VKA Financial FREEDOM Planning Check List

Family Income Protection? Retirement Fund? Education Planning? Estate Planning? Disability Income Cover? Obligation? Medical & MRTA? 1.财务自由又是什么?是不是当我退休或不能工作时都有一笔收入?让我不需担心我的衣食足行? Financial FREEDOM is: Having enough capital to generate a


Financial Security vs Financial Freedom – Interview

“理财有两个主要的目标,一个是财务安全,一个是财务自由,财务安全是基础,财务自由是终点。从另一个角度讲,理财有两个方向,一个是进攻,一个是防守。” Hi 小琪, I like the way you described the term of financial planning, very sharp and clear. -我想请问,如何能做到或说是“财务安全”& “财务自由”? 1.财务安全是否就是,当遇到不如意的事或危机都不会影响手上的资金或股票之类的?那是否就是利用保险来解决这问题? You are absolutely right.


Gold Investment

Investing in gold is another great option where we can further to diversify our entire investments portfolio. The public demand in gold investment is getting


Benefits of using Debit Cards

Debit card There are many different forms of debit cards available, many with their own specific attractions and drawbacks. If you are looking for a

Your Financial Bridge for Life