Buying First Property – What You Need To Know?

Financial Literacy is very crucial in enabling one to make smart choice about money. It also helps a person to avoid making mistake when it comes to managing our wealth. With proper financial planning, we should be in a better position to pursue our life goals.

Buying Your First Property

Buying a property, or your first home is most likely the single most important life goal of your life. Nevertheless, you may be unsure about the process, or the costs that are involved.

A person who is looking to buy their first home should expect to pay about 10% of the property price. Of course, there will be legal fee, stamp duty and valuation fee; hence, if you do not wish to have your downpayment or deposit forfeited due to insufficient money, you should first understand how to calculate these fees.

Our Licensed Financial Planner, Mr. Kevin Neoh shared his view on this topic at TV 3’s Ringgit Sense program on 5th February 2018.




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