Malaysian Financial Planner of The Year Award (MFPYA) 2016

Kevin Neoh winner of Malaysian Financial Planner of the Year Award (MFPYA) 2016.VKA Wealth Planners is proud to announce that a Licensed Financial Planner from this firm, Mr. Neoh Kean Ming (Kevin) has been adjudged as the Winner of Malaysian Financial Planner of the Year Award (MFPYA) 2016, in an official announcement made by  The organisers of MFPYA, the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) today (9-June-2016). Kevin will also be automatically advanced to the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards (PPGFPA) 2016 for Asia Region.

Malaysia is the first country in the world to organise a national Financial Planner of the Year Award for all financial planning credentials from its regulator-recognised bodies, based on global standards adjudication.

The MFPYA was mooted with the intention of raising the bar of our Licensed Financial Planners who write comprehensive plans for their clients and at the same time showcasing their capabilities to the public with the inaugural competition held in 2015.

It takes a lot of courage, resilience and perseverance on the part of Licensed Financial Planners to participate in this Competition again especially for those who had participated last year. This is especially true for this year’s winner, Kevin Neoh, who was also one of the participants that received the Certificate of Recognition in the inaugural competition as he finished as Second Top Scorer in the inaugural competition.

VKA Wealth Planners have always championed the need to provide comprehensive financial planning advice and services to Malaysians from all walk of life. We believe that we should always thrive to create more values with professional knowledge and take action to make a difference in the life of Malaysians, particularly from the aspect of personal finance and financial well-being.

With Kevin’s successfully gaining approval and acknowledgement from the panel of judges who are seasoned, experienced practitioners, it is an affirmations that the work we do are backing up our belief and we are making meaningful difference to our clients’ life.



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