VKA Financial FREEDOM Planning Check List

  • Family Income Protection?
  • Retirement Fund?
  • Education Planning?
  • Estate Planning?
  • Disability Income Cover?
  • Obligation?
  • Medical & MRTA?


Financial FREEDOM is: Having enough capital to generate a permanent income flow to provide your desired standard of living.

Income is classified as temporary if the income flow ceases the day you cease work. Permanent income on the other hand, does not depend on your active involvement. It will continue to work for you for the rest of your life and can even passed onto your beneficiaries and remain with them for their life time if that capital is invested prudently.

Financial FREEDOM therefore involves: Establishing a measurable financial goal with a specific time frame and progressively achieving it according to a predetermined strategy. People fail to succeed because they never PLAN to succeed. It is not that they plan to fail, they fail to plan.


In order to achieve the total Financial SECURITY & FREEDOM status, our financial planning advisory should cover the following areas:

F – Family Income Protection Planning

R – Retirement Planning

E – Education Planning

E – Estate Planning (Preservation & Protection of your assets)

D – Disability Income Protection Planning (If you still depend on temporary income “man at work” method for survival)

O – Obligation Planning (Post retirement & medical care for our senior parents at home)

M – Medical & Mortgage Insurance Planning

Each of us is an individual with unique circumstances and needs. So you must first carefully assess your situation and attitudes before embarking on specific steps that will affect your financial well-being. If you are in any doubt over any suggestion found here, do check with an appropriate professional (Licensed Financial Planner) who knows you and understands your specific circumstances.

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