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Labuan Private Foundation

Helping You To Create a Lasting Legacy!

16 Key Advantages of Labuan Private Foundation:

You have 100% control all the time
No minimum amount of assets requirement to be injected
Founder can be individuals or corporations
Permissible to hold Malaysian assets
Relatively low cost to operate the Foundation compared to Trust
Duration of foundation can be perpetual or fixed time of your choice
Beneficiary can be individuals or corporations and Founder can also be the beneficiary
Muslims are permissible to set-up the Labuan Foundation with or without Syariah compliant
Unenforceability against any legal claims after 2 years
Can be used for charitable purposes
It is a corporate body entitled to enter contract and perform lawful dealings
Protected with confidentiality with no information can be accessed by the public
It is a legal entity fully protected by Labuan Foundation Act 2010
It can re-domicile to another country of your choice at any time
You can design how your foundation is to be structured, managed, the types of assets to hold and beneficiaries with freedom to change anytime through the Charter
Can open offshore and onshore bank accounts in RM and foreign currencies of your choice

Tax Profile of Labuan Private Foundation:

Low corporate tax: 3% for Trading activities or 0% as an Investment Holding
Income derived from Malaysian assets and business dealings are subject to 24% tax
No withholding tax on interest, management fee, royalty fee and technical fee
No tax on distribution of gains to the beneficiaries
No inheritance and capital gain tax
No sales tax, service tax and GST
No stamp duty on all instruments execution relating to offshore activities
Ability to access to more than 70 Malaysia Tax Treaty partners
Tax exempted on Zakat payment

VKA WEALTH PLANNERS SDN. BHD. is a leading and reputable Financial Planning Firm in Malaysia. We help individuals and families who are thinking about setting up a Labuan Private Foundation to reach their goals. Not knowing what questions to ask and how to obtain sound advice with the complexities of creating and maintaining a private foundation, we can assist you to begin with the basics before moving forward particularly relating to:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of setting up a Labuan Private Foundation;
  • The types of assets you can contribute;
  • How to form a private foundation hassle-free.

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