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Kum Phui Lai


Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

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English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Cantonese


Financial Adviser’s Representative (FAR)

Capital Market Services Representative License (CMSRL)

About Kum Phui Lai

As a Licensed Financial Planner, Phui Lai believes that her role is to assist clients to navigate their financial affairs so that they can manage them with the simplicity that is aimed to assist them in realizing their life goals.

Though Phui Lai graduated from a study that is totally unrelated to the current role, it was in fact her interest in empowering more people to take control of their life and financial affairs that saw her moving into this role. In order to be approved by the relevant authorities and be licensed, she has completed the professional certification program and was awarded the Registered Financial Planner qualification, and has been a member of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council since 2016.

As a person who has been employed in the private sector and worked abroad, she understood how important it is for a person to form a clear understanding of their life goals reflecting on the person’s values and priorities. As a mother to a son, she also understands the strong urge to provide the best for children felt by many parents. She believes that many of the challenges currently faced by people and also the struggling middle-income group will have been less impactful if people were taught about personal finance.

With that belief in mind, she has been working on sharing information and knowledge with people and adopting an approach that is more educational when dealing with clients.

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